How to use your plan

Make your next dental visit easier and cheaper by following these steps:

1. Get the app

The app is the easiest way to see your savings, find a dentist near you, keep your card with you at all times, and contact our customer care team.

2. Call a participating dentist

Choose a provider in your plan’s network — just like you would with any health coverage or traditional insurance plan.

To use the Careington Care 500 plan, make an appointment with a provider in the Careington Care 500 network. To use the Dental Access plan, make an appointment with a provider in the Aetna Dental Access Network.

The easiest way to find in-network dentists near you is to use our dentist search engine

Need to see a specialist?

You can filter search results to display dentists, orthodontists, endodontists, oral surgeons, prosthodontists, periodontists, or pediatric specialists.

Even if you think you'll need to see a specialist, we always recommend visiting a general dentist first and letting them refer you to a specialist for what they cannot or will not do.

Pro tip: Even if they recommend a specific specialist to you, you are free to visit any specialist in your plan's network.

3. Make an appointment with the dental office

When you call, remember to refer to the plan you are using by its network name (Careington Care 500 or Dental Access Plan powered by the Aetna Dental Access Network).

If the office assistant asks what type of plan it is, clarify that you are using a dental discount plan, not dental insurance.

During the phone call, they will probably ask for the member ID and group code. If your card hasn’t arrived in the mail yet, you can pull up your digital card on our mobile app. You or the dental office can also call us at 855-329-6305 during business hours to get your account information.

4. Know what you will pay

At your first visit, you will most likely get an oral exam, X-rays, and a cleaning.

Depending on what your dentist discovers, they may recommend another procedure right away or at a follow-up visit.

Before any dental work is done, we suggest asking to see a procedure plan with prices so you can have all the information you need.

They should be able to give you a list of procedures along with their American Dental Association codes (which look like “D1234”). Ask to see their normal rates alongside your discounted rates to see exactly what you’re saving.

5. What to do if you need more dental work than expected

Whatever the dentist recommends, it is ultimately your choice whether to get the dental work done right away or at all. You are also free to seek a second opinion.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and remember that different dental offices have different standards when giving you treatment plans. Some will only recommend the work that needs to be done right away, while others will give you a list of everything you could possibly need, including products like clear aligners or electric toothbrushes.

Since your 1Dental discount plan is not insurance, there are no annual limits or maximums. You and the other members on your plan will save at every single dental visit throughout the year.

If you have CareCredit, an HSA account, FlexSpend, or other means of payment, you can use it with your discount plan to help pay for your treatment. Curious about using a dental insurance policy alongside your discount plan from 1Dental? Read about it here.

We Are Here to Help!

If you have any questions while at the dental office, please call us at 855-329-6305 and we will be glad to help.

We Are Here to Help!

If you have any questions while at the dental office, please call us at 855-329-6305 and we will be glad to help.